a message from our founder & CEO

Do something you believe in. I've always lived by this mantra and started 21st Vision because I believed we could DO better for KIDS. Every day since then, our team has worked passionately to help our clients change lives. It is such an honor to lead such an amazing team of professionals and witness the impact that is made through our clients each and every day!

Managing school operations is at our core and we take great pride in that practice. We are solution driven thought partners with access to a vast network of experienced consultants. We are experts in our field and yet committed to learning each day. We empower our clients to be strategic and purposeful. And we share in the goals of our clients to DO better for KIDS.

Back in 2012 when I started 21st Vision, if I'm to be honest, my inspiration was rooted in frustration. I was frustrated in seeing brilliant ideas live in an "if only" world of limited budgets and resources. I was frustrated to see the faces of great leaders I respect light up imagining the potential impact of their ideas only to quickly be reminded of the reality of available resources. And I was frustrated by the status quo that was starting to build simply because it was easier and safer under the scrutiny of compliance.

My goal in starting 21st Vision was to change the way we think about the limitations of a resource investment strategy. It was to bring operational sophistication and strength to support strong educational programming. It was to lead a team of financial and compliance experts that work with diligence yet operate from the heart.  It was to have a team motivated to dig deep to find solutions to empower the many brilliant ideas created by our clients.

My background includes more than 20 years of optimizing organizational performance and potential through strategic resource development and investment across several industries. But education captured my heart. Whether it be through working with our clients, serving as the President of the board at Trillium Academy, or being an active member of the PTA at Harlan Elementary, my son's school, my passion to see education provide children with opportunity grows stronger each day.

I am so thankful to all of our clients that allow me to be my best self!

Heather Gardner

Founder and CEO

21st Vision