21st vision services

"The team's fluency in the complex world of school finance allows us to feel confident in the decisions the 21st Vision teams supports us on." - Charter School Principal

Financial & Operations Management

Strong financial and operations management is built upon policies and practices that ensure all resources are strategically invested and maximized for the greatest return on investment. We pride ourselves on the completeness and timeliness of financial reporting so that your team is empowered to make financial decisions. We see ourselves as partners with our clients with a shared vision for improving education for KIDS and work tirelessly to leverage all available resources. While not an inclusive list, below are a few of the services included under the scope of financial and operations management:

  • Financial statements – customized to provide the information you need on your schedule
  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger
  • Annual audit preparation and facilitation
  • Cash flow planning & management – short term & long term
  • Budget development and revision
  • Financing – student aid notes, facility debt
  • Customized fund tracking
  • Adherence to best practice financial operations
  • Grant Reporting - Title funding, IDEA, At-Risk, etc.