EAS Schools Foundation


EAS Schools Foundation funds educational programs to grow entrepreneurship, citizenship, and a child's individual and collective development, which supports communities that fulfill the promise of the future.

Request Process

Contribution requests will be reviewed on the basis of relevancy and impact on serving the priorities of this organization, need for the project or activity, purpose of the contribution, and the organization’s effectiveness at meeting its objectives and obligations.  The financial feasibility of the donation will also be taken into consideration.

All contribution requests must be received in writing and includes the following:
• A one page summary of the proposal, including a short history of the organization, purpose of the proposal, scope, constituents affected, impact on the EAS Schools Foundation mission and giving priorities, and amount requested.  Back-up documentation may be included, but the one page summary is required.
• A complete list of the Board of Directors of the Organization.
• A year end financial report for the previous year’s activity.  A budget for the specific project to be funded, if applicable.
• A copy of the IRS determination letter indicating both tax-exempt IRC Section 501©(3) status and non-private foundation status under IRC Section 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) OR proof the request is from a public school academy as defined by the MI School Code.
• For repeat funding, a copy of the latest report indicating performance against the agreed to measurables established when funding was awarded.  (Please note: all fund recipients must be prepared to report on the project progress and performance as requested by EAS Schools Foundation.)

All correspondence should be addressed to:                              

EAS Schools Foundation                              

1221 Bowers St #40                              

Birmingham, MI  48012

Each request is reviewed by the EAS Schools Foundation Board who determines if the organization and project fits within its mission.  All requests are carefully reviewed to determine their general eligibility and conformity to the contribution guidelines.  All properly documented requests will receive due consideration.  However, resource limitations dictate that not all worthy requests will receive support. For further information, please write to the foundation at the above address or e-mail the foundation at easfoundation@easschools.net.