21st vision services

"When we started working with 21st Vision, our fund balance was close to zero and we were just trying to get by.  The team came in and began working miracles almost immediately. They helped us think strategically, prioritize needs and become part of the solution." - Charter School Superintendent

strategic visioning

Not only does our team recognize the ever-changing needs of the student population that requires a nimble approach to budgeting and investment, we thrive in it! Our team of experienced professionals are thought partners as you seek to prioritize limited resources. We understand and expect unplanned expenses and will work with your team to identify pathways to accomplish your goals. We pride ourselves on being aware of the multitude of funding resources available beyond per-pupil revenue and prepare our clients to yield the benefits of each. While not an inclusive list, below are a few of the services included under the scope of strategic visioning:

  • Budget analysis of expenditures against strategic objectives
  • Private grant funding strategy
  • Research on cost-saving opportunities
  • Proactive research on alternative funding sources
  • Operational analysis