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I have spent more than 25 years working in high performing organizations developing teams and leaders in executive leadership positions. I have reinvented myself, changed industries, and started my own companies. These times of transition and great change could have been faster and more focused if I had the benefit of a coach to guide me through the process of transition.  

Throughout my experiences, I enjoyed creating synergistic teams and strong team cultures within organizations. My personal passions involve helping people solve problems and to realize their vision.  

I have a long history of giving back to my community. I currently volunteer my time as the President of the board for Trillium Academy in Taylor, MI. I am passionate about helping others succeed by realizing their vision and turning it into reality. 


My experiences include:

  • Restructuring

  • Leading a $100 million company at 29 years old

  • The automotive industry— Plant Human Resources, IT, Materials Planning, Corporate HR, Plant Manager, Chief Operating Officer, CEO, Owner

  • Starting my own company in the education industry

  • Starting my own company in the coaching industry

  • C-Level Executive

  • Graduate of MSU— Bachelor of Arts, Materials Logistics Management - Operations